Invest in Real Estate with Property Guys

There are few ways that you can invest in real estate. Property Guys are always looking for person that are interested to invest in real estate. Here are some commun way you can work with us:

Property Guys do all the hard work

If you have money that you would like to invest to obtain a higher return than what you're receiving in the stock market, bank, or any other way. We are here to help! We are investing in the best real estate market. This is Collin County in Texas. You can review past history, and you will see that the market always been stable compare to the rest of the country. Property Guys feels the best cities are Allen, Plano, Fairview, McKinney, Lucas, Parker, Frisco, and Murphy in North Texas.

Therefore, we are able to find the property, do the repair, sell the property or rent it for you

I personaly look to all new homes coming on the market that I feel that may be a good investment

So far, I only create turn a positive return on all my investment and other investors

I can do the same for you. It is completely safe. All the properties will be under your name. We will use all Texas approved real estate contracts.

Investors that look for guaranteed 10% return

I would provide a guaranteed 10% to anyone that would like to be on the safe side and only provide the cash for a fix 10% return

I would personaly use to generate a higher return with fliping a few houses.

Retirement Accounts

I can show you how to use your retiremement money (IRA, 401K, SEP, and other retirement accounts), and invest in real estate, which is completly legal without paying any penality and grow tax free

Property Guys find the best Investment Property and you do the work

Property Guys can find great properties for you to flip or for rentals. Property Guys does have all the tools to find the perfect investor properties. Therefore, we can work together to achieve your goal.

No matter what is your need, Property Guys is here to help

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Don McGrath, Texas Realtor

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Email: Don@PropertyGuys.US

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Real Estate Licensed in the State of Texas

Texas Realtor Licence # 0602731

Texas Broker License (Lovejoy Homes Realty) # 9004137